SAUDÁVEL     Total Health and Wellness

Saudável: [saw.DAH.vell] - 
Portuguese word meaning "sound, healthy, and wholesome."

The inspiration for Saudável Total Health and Wellness came while I was sitting on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. Ready for a new life challenge,  I had left New York City to spend 7 months in Brazil studying fitness techniques with personal trainers  in the Marvelous City.

As I  sat on my canga and looked around at the curvy women frolicking in their skimpy bikinis and men in their sungas , I realized that Brazilians seem to capture the true essence of "well being."   They possess good health, a sunny disposition, and a joy of life that is incomparable.   They work hard, and they play hard.  This is their jeitinho, or way of life.

So, I wondered, what is it that makes Brazilians such salubrious, vibrant people? Is it their committment to regular fitness regiments?  Or their sensible approach to delicious Brazilian cuisine? Or is it their ability to leave their work behind for a while and indulge in relaxation?

It is, in fact,  a combination of all of these things.  Brasileiros seem to have mastered the art of "life balance," and I wanted to bring this philosophy back to the United States. 

 And thus, the company Saudável was born.  We provide a combination of fitness training, healthy cooking lessons, and massage to help you achieve that same equilibrium and sense of total health and wellness.  And because comfort is always a "de-stressing"  factor, we come to your home on a schedule that is convenient for you.

Saudável will help you achieve balance of mind, body, and soul.  We look forward to working with you!

                                       Com saúde e felicidade,

 Robin J. Reiter, DPT, ATC
 Founder of Saudável Total Health and Wellness

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